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Nowadays, almost all industries have applications majorly made of structural steel. It is used everywhere, from industry equipments to finished products. Even experts from the industry prefer the use of structural steel over other building materials for construction. It is used heavily because of the innumerable benefits that structural steel offers. So here we are going to focus on the advantages that structural steel has in store for us:

When we talk about framing, the design of a steel I-beam will always make it weigh lighter than the lightest. In addition the labor required to build with steel is reduced. The light weight advantage also reduces the shipping costs of the materials. It also simplifies the design of a building’s foundation and other structural support systems, which will further reduce the project costs. 

Time is always equal to money. But nowadays, every client wants the building to come under budget and gets completed before time.
Pre-engineered steel parts that are designed specific inside the manufacturing plant and are shipped out, are ready to be erected. With this the construction time speeds up significantly, making it possible to complete the large-scale projects in the scheduled time. 
A faster construction timeline also reduces the amount of time that the building under construction impedes traffic, affects the inside and outside flow of surrounding businesses and water or any other utility disruptions to nearby buildings.

Building with steel also saves money via lifetime savings and first time savings along with money which is saved from labor and decreased construction time.

Steel can be Recycled
Because of public interest in decreasing the construction waste, most of the waste removal companies have subsidized programs which allow them to pick up the steel waste at no cost to you.

Steel is durable
Steel is so durable and requires so little maintenance, making it the economic choice for the owners of the building.

Speedy construction means few interest payments to the lenders, who want that interest payments are made within the duration of the construction process. 
When clubbed together these benefits make steel one of the most affordable building product available in the market. 

Steel is prepared from materials that are recycled and that can be recycled at any time in its lifespan. This is the major reason why it earns green building certification programs from builders.

According to Steel Recycling Institute:
Reductions in energy use and CO2 emissions are rapidly reaching the limits defined by the laws of physics.
80 million tons of steel are recycled each year, making it the world's most recycled product.
Since 1990, the steel industry has reduced energy intensity per ton of steel produced by 28% and CO2 emissions by 35% per ton of steel shipped.

These are just few benefits that you can get if you use steel as the building material for construction work. And in Rajasthan AV Steel& Power Supply provides the best steel which is Birla TMT which is already a known name in steel industry.
To order steel for your construction project contact us now.  

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