Know All About Steel TMT Bars And Rebars

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What exactly does steel TMT Bar and Rebar mean? We know you all are excited to know about them. TMT (Thermomechanically treatment) is a process that includes the production of high strength reinforcement steel bars or commonly known as TMT Rebars.  You should also know the Production Process of TMT Bars and Manufacturing Process of Steel.

Reinforcement bars are popularly known as rebars. Steel rebar is made with the capacity to resist high levels of weight using the mentioned process. In the process, ‘quenching’ is done of hot bars using water. This is one of the major steps which gives the thermomechanical processing of the bar and also improves the quality. If you want Top Quality TMT Bars and Rebar at great prices today, then Contact AV Steel which is the Authorized Steel TMT Distributor in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Rolled hot bars are quenched in a quenching box that has a controlled environment. There is a special water system that ensures that only the surface of the bar is cooled while the core remains heated.
As a result, self tempering is applied to the bar by supplying heat to the surface. The outer layer is hardened into martensite which is hard and is also highly resistant to stress and pressure. It also becomes important to keep the TMT bars steel protected from corrosion. Learn the Tips to Save Steel TMT Bar From Corrosion.

Finally, the bars are processed through a special cooling bed where the core of the TMT bar gets transformed into a ferrite-pearlite crystal structure that has high ductility.

Hence, steel TMT bars have a variation in the structure with tougher martensite in the surface layer, martensite and the bainite in the intermediate layer and tough but ductile ferrite and pearlite core.

Thus, an ideal TMT bar and rebar has a perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Strength and Flexibility are Important for TMT Bar because it provides the capacity to stand the pressure.

The variation in the microstructure of a TMT bar makes it highly suitable for top quality construction work. One should also know Important Material for Construction. Since TMT bar is free of surface defects, TMT bars are better at withstanding tensional stress which makes them highly corrosion-resistant steel as compared to low grades of steel construction bars.

TMT bars are known to have the highest flexibility and are also durable enough to be used in areas with high and regular seismic activity.

While purchasing TMT Bar, One Should Take Care of Certain Points and also While Buying Steel TMT Bar Avoid Certain Common Mistakes.


The production process applied for the production of these bars gives them a hard outer surface and a soft inner core which increases the tensile strength, improves the ductility and imparts a high level of elongation capability to the rebar. This capability increases steel TMT bar’s ability to withstand sudden high-stress load-bearing capacity in large scale structures like dams, high buildings, fly-over, etc.

TMT rebars are great for modern designs because of their high flexibility and durability.

The company believes in solid infrastructure and is also committed to offering the best TMT Bars Brands in India. 


Now you all must know what TMT bar and rebar mean. If you wish to buy or purchase TMT bar and rebar in Jaipur, then Visit Avsteel which is the authorized distributor of Birla steel TMT bar in the state of Rajasthan.


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