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You all must have heard everyone saying TMT Bars and all but do you know the full-form of it?? It stands for THERMO MECHANICALLY TREATED BARS. We all know that TMT Bars are an essential part of every construction purpose including the other Essential Materials for Construction of Home, so it becomes important to know even the manufacturing process of it.

TMT Bars are made from steel and passes through a series of processes which ultimately determines the flexibility and strength of the TMT Bar. So knowing about the Manufacturing Process of Steel and Properties of Steel can also be beneficial. One should also know the tips on How to Buy/Select The Best TMT Bar.

The Thermo Mechanical Treatment involves 3 essential steps that are:
Self Tempering
Atmospheric cooling

The quality of TMT Bar depends on 3 major factors:
Quality of raw materials
Quality rolling mill that gives the uniform and proper shape for all rebar
Quality system for quenching and tempering

Iron Ore to Steel
Raw materials that are used I production of TMT Bars include iron ore, dolomite, coal. Under the process these raw materials are stacked, recovered and mixed in the required quantities.

The iron ore goes through a beneficial process to increase the iron substances. At this very moment, metal fines are gathered to get into a shape of mass of pellets and sinter for improving efficiency. Then the coal is transformed to coke for further purposes.

Now the limestone and the existing materials are deployed to the furnace. Hot air is supplied to the furnace through the nozzle which results in melting of raw materials and comes out on the surface that is at the bottom of the furnace. During the process, limestone melts, due to which its impurities comes out which is called as slag and being light in weight it floats on the surface of molten metal.

Primary Steel Making
In the initial stage of steel making, oxygen is combined with carbon in iron and deployed into oxygen furnace. Due to which carbon dioxide eliminates and this process is known as Pre-Treatment.

Then, steel goes through Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) for refining the steel. Now the molten steel is transferred to a ladle & then transferred to casting machine. After this it is sent to water cooling mold.

Solidification happens in the cold mold. Billet comes out from CCM and is cut into the required sizes.

Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT BAR)
Quenching – The hot roll bars releases and enters to the water spray system called as ‘Thermex System’. Thermex Technology is used in the manufacturing process of best quality TMT Bars. This technology cools down the outer core rapidly and thus ensures the ductility of TMT Rebar. 
Rapid cooling hardens the outer surface of TMT Rebar, forming a marten’s tic rim while the core continues to remain hot an authentic.

This cooling technique is known as ‘Quenching’. 

Self Tempering – Once the TMT Rebar is out of quenching, the core remains hot as compared to the surface of the Rebar which allows heat to flow from the core to the surface which leads to tempering of outer layer, ultimately forming a structure called as ‘Tempered Marten site’.

Atmospheric Cooling – Once the process of self-tempering gets over, the TMT Bar gets ready for atmospheric cooling. This cooling is done on cooling bed in normal temperatures. Under this step the authentic core turns into ferrite-pearlite structure.

Thus the final product consists of strong outer layer with ductility. This process also increases the tensile strength which makes the TMT Bar weld able and ductile. 

Once the self tempering is over the bars get ready for atmospheric cooling.  This is done on cooling bed on normal temperature. In this step the austenitic core turns as ferrite-pearlite structure. Thus the final structure consists of strong outer layer with ductile core. This process increases the tensile strength that makes it highly ductile and weldable.

Now you know how the most important element of any construction project is made. Birla TMT Bars are made with the same process ensuring the best quality to offer. If you are in Rajasthan and Looking for Best Birla TMT Bar Supplier, then Approach AV STEEL which supplies the top quality Birla TMT Bars and Rebar as it is the authorized dealer of Birla TMT in the state of Rajasthan.  

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