List of Building Materials Which are Very Essential for Building Home

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Nov 29, 2019 Posted by Admin

Materials that are utilized in construction of a building are called as Building Material. So now you can understand that you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of these products. Products like cement, brick, sand, reinforced bars etc are known as building materials. Strength and longitivity of a building thus is determined by the quality of the products used.

These materials are easily available in the market but in different sizes, grades and brands. Depending upon the construction purpose different types of building materials are used. If you are in Rajasthan and looking for TMT Bars, then AV Steel is the stop where your search ends, as it is the authorized dealer of the top quality and premium brand TMT Bars supplier i.e. BIRLA. 

Before taking any decision do consider our blog for the Mistakes to be Avoided Before Purchasing Steel Bars for the construction purpose and also Things to Remember Before Buying Steel Bars.

Here is the list of building materials which are very essential for building home:

TMT Bars
High strength TMT Bars with low carbon steel content are best. TMT bars are one of the important components to provide strength to the structure. These bars are bonded with RCC for holding the structure. It is available in different grades according o the Indian Standards like: 

Fe 415D, Fe 500D etc.

In above example ‘D’ denoted elongation. Fe 500D is the most recommended for any type of construction building because it has the perfect balance of Strength and Flexibility and also effective in earthquake prone areas. In Rajasthan AV Steel Supplies the Best Birla TMT Bars and Rebars.

Sand basically means the fine particles of broken rock. Sand is important because it provides strength, bulk and other required qualities for a concrete base. In the market variety of sand is available like River Sand, Coarse Sand/Pit Sand, and M Sand etc.  

Brick is manufactured by clay and is mostly rectangular in shape. Variety of bricks available is:
Unburnt Bricks – Bricks that are sun dried are known as Unburnt Bricks.
Burnt Bricks – Burnt Clay Bricks are sub categorized into four types
                         First Class Bricks – Used for masonry construction purposes.
                         Second Class Bricks – Used for ground molding.
                         Third Class Bricks – Used for temporary structures.
                         Fourth Class Bricks – Used as course aggregate in most cases.

Coarse Aggregate
Coarse aggregate is used for mixing with cement in the construction process. It is used for giving stability, volume etc to the final structure. It is used as additives to the concrete mixes.

Wood is the most common material that is used as a construction material for various purposes. There are quite a few types of wood that are used for various purposes.

  • Deodar Wood 
  • Mahogany Wood
  • Satin Wood
  • Teak Wood 

Apart from these types there are other types of wood such as Shisham wood, Sal wood, Rose wood, Pine wood, Mulberry wood and many more.

Except these 5 building materials there are a lot of other materials also like metals, glass, foam etc that are used in the construction process. The list is endless you know. But these are some of the components that you cannot ignore or compromise on. 



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