Various Techniques and Tools for Cutting the Structural Steel

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Oct 24, 2019 Posted by Admin

Structural steel cutting is an important part of the Steel Industry in India. It is important for the applications of industry and should be performed by professionals due to following requirements- Accuracy and Efficiency.

Just as there are different types of steel available, different methods and tools are available for cutting the structural steel. Tool and technique selection depends on the prevailing situation. Structural steel is the most preferred amongst all the available materials because of its Properties and Advantages it has in store for us.

Here are some of the techniques mentioned:

High-Pressure Water Jets
This technique is used in jobs for occupied buildings like office buildings, hotels or hospitals. This is because water jets does not release gas, slag or dust and also does not cause vibrations which can damage delicate equipments in the building. Water jet creates less sound as compared to plasma or laser cutters.
Cutting steel using this technique requires high-pressure plunger pump that pushes the water and minute particles of material such as silica sand at a point on steel to make a cut. It can be adjusted and controlled.

Plasma Cutting
It is used to cut the structural steel into various shapes. It requires localized cutting cone on a torch which blows either a compressed gas or an active gas at a high pressure while an electric arc turns the gas into the plasma. Structural steel is then defrosted by this plasma without leaving any chips and moves at a speed allowing it to move the melting steel away from the cutting point.

Laser Cutting
This technique is used for most industrial manufacturing tasks. It requires high-pressure laser beam to pierce the structural steel, thus generating a starting point to cut. This high power laser burns the steel without twisting, melting it away at cutting point and leaving fine edges.
It should be remembered that laser cutting is more accurate than mechanical cutting.

There are various techniques and tools available for cutting the structural steel into the required shape and size which makes the construction process easy and fast. Just keep in certain points while Purchasing Steel and while Selecting the Supplier of Steel for construction of a building. But if you are Jaipur, Rajasthan then AV Steel & Power Supply is the best choice to but the material from as they supply products Birla TMT which is a trusted name in the industry.  

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