Barbed Wires

Barbed Wires have been used in fencing for decades. Initially used for agricultural boundary purposes, but now largely used as wall compound and garden fencing with time. The sharp edges knotted at regular intervals along the wires are the highlight of barbed Wires fencing. Simple to construct and easy installation makes them cost-efficient and low maintenance. Our quenching and tempering technology makes the wires strong and robust. Our high-quality barbed wire fencing will withstand your building and boundaries for a lifetime.

Available range: 

    • 12*12
    • 13*14(special military-grade)
    • 14*14

Distinctive Features of Barbed Wires:

    • Helps in setting a specified boundary to your space
    • Provides a strong and firm barrier
    • Aids in restricting all unwanted entries, and
    • Guards the set parameters lifelong