You all must be wondering why to choose TMT Bars and Rebars over any other available in the market. Because TMT bar and Rebar possess high yield strength than mild steel. Also, TMT bars yield greater tensile strength, flexibility, and ductility as compared to high yield strength deformed bars. Along with knowing all the above mentioned points one should also the manufacturing process of TMT bars and Rebar and also production process of stainless steel.

TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars is a technological process for producing high strength deformed steel bars for concrete reinforcement. TMT Bars and TMT rebar have a tough outer core and soft inner core. The high strength in the TMT Bars is obtained by the thermo-mechanical treatment it goes through wherein the bars gets cooled off intensively just right after the rolling process. Thus, making the perfect combination of flexibility and strength required for the ideal TMT bars and TMT rebar.

Then there is a quick reduction in the temperature of the outer layer makes it hard while the inner layer continues to stay hot. Thus, the ductility and strength of the bar enhances due to tempering which takes place. 

This above-mentioned approach generates a strong external surface hardened because of the steel crystalline formation. The high temperatures and continuous shaping by twisting and rolling effects in the micro-structure is unique to the TMT bars.

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Thermo-mechanically treated bars offers great weld-ability, great strength, healthier elongation, and ductility. Because of the amazing flexibility in construction and renovation, TMT Bars are suitable for a broad variety of uses. 

Using TMT bars in construction enhances the speed of construction and decreases the cost spent. TMT bars are light in weight as compared to other available alternatives which make the maintenance, transportation of TMT bars easy. The thermo-mechanically treated bars reduce the risk of damage during earthquake, fire and similar natural disasters. Also learn about other techniques to save your home earthquakes

The steel of thermo-mechanically treated bars rods can be easily recycled without any reduction of quality. Learn the ways and methods to keep the TMT bars corrosion-free.

TMT steel bar and rebar does not crack or break even after turning or bending it upto 180 degrees. Great elongation and flexibility of the TMT bar is due to the better ductility of the steel. TMT bar which has higher elongation rate is easy to transport and is also cost-efficient as compared to cold twisted deformed bars. 

The thermo-mechanical process makes the bars anti-corrosive. The cooling procedure for TMT bars helps in resisting the formation of coarse carbides in the bars. Usage of TMT Bars for construction thus helps in enhancing the longevity of the structure. Also know the tips to make the foundation of a building strong. While considering TMT bars for construction purpose, it becomes important to make sure that it is bought from a trustworthy manufacturer and one should know how to choose best quality TMT Bars with effective TMT Bar price.


Four grades of TMT Steel is available in India; Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600.  The grade number, yield strength etc are directly proportional. The higher the grade number, the higher the values are. 

Below are the areas of uses for different grades of TMT:

•    Fe 415: Used for RCC Constructions in areas where there is great corrosion and earthquake incidence.

•    Fe 500:  Used for RCC constructions of building, bridges, concrete structures.

•    Fe 550:  Used for RCC construction that is exposed to humid, coastal and marine areas.

•    Fe 600:  It is used for RCC construction purposes that are large.


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