The thermal-resistance property of TMT bar and Rebar has made it popular and is now standard practice in the construction process. With new advancements and modern technologies in the construction process, the thermal-resistance of TMT Bar and TMT rebar results in inefficient strategies for construction purposes. This, in turn, results in enhancing the lifespan, flexibility and structural strength which is important to the building.

It also saves from natural disasters like earthquakes etc. It helps in enhancing the handling capacity of the building, thus it can withstand all the natural conditions. Learn more tips to save the building from the earthquake

The Weak Point 

There are many types of natural disasters, but fire causes the worst and most damages. They majorly affect the structure and integrity of the building structure. There are many cases been reported of such type in which the buildings collapsed and severe damages were made. 

There are many advantages of steel, namely tensile strength, and thermal expansion of concrete makes TMT Bar the best choice for reinforcement. Like other materials, steel has a weak point. The weak point of steel is that when the temperature of structural steel rises around 425°C, it starts to soften and till the time it reaches near to 650°C, half the strength of steel is lost. This condition eventually leads to failure of structural integrity.

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                    Interesting facts regarding steel. 

The Resistance of TMT Bars

TMT reinforced steel bars or TMT Rebar are manufactured through a unique process. In the process, the hot rolled steel bars pass through three stages – Quenching, Self-tempering, and Annealing. The three procedures result in the formation of a reinforced steel bar that has a hard surface outside with softcore inside. Know the full manufacturing process of TMT Bar. Also, know the production process of stainless steel.

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Due to the manufacturing process, TMT reinforced steel bars are more resistant as compared to others in the event of fire spreading. The different grades of TMT steel rebars are Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550 and the Fe 600 are available at AV Steel. Unlike normal steel bars, TMT reinforced bars have the ability to resist the loss of structural strength at higher temperatures and are also corrosion-resistant which makes them the best choice to use as reinforcement.


Each building structure is constructed with an aim of longevity, but in order to maintain that, the building must be constructed by using the important building materials and one should also know the top raw materials required. This, in turn, will ensure that the structural integrity of the building.

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