Why are AV Steel’s TMT bars the best?

In our today’s article on why AV steel’s Birla TMT bars are the best, we’ll cover the following aspects

  1. Introduction
  2. Birla TMT Bars 
  3. Qualities of world-class TMT bars 
  4. Conclusion  


AV Steel & Power LLP is the main distributor of Birla TMT in the state of Rajasthan. AV Steel & Power LLP is a young and budding company, established on the foundation of expert knowledge, striving for delivering the best quality products with user-friendly trade practices. As we all know within the span of a few years, “Birla TMT has emerged to become Engineer’s First Choice when it is about the strength of the structure being built”. The core work of AV Steel & Power LLP is delivering superior quality products, with peerless support from a well-connected network of dealers, engineers, home builders, and architects coming together in making Birla TMT steel the leading manufacturer of TMT Bars in India. Henceforth, AV Steel & Power LLP aims to provide world-class products at affordable and economical prices. To know more, join them on our Instagram handle @birlatmtsteel_rajasthan

Birla TMT Bars:

Birla TMT bars are equivalent to ISI quality and meet all international standards. Our industrious TMT manufacturing engineers meticulously work on every detail to enhance the bar’s quality and efficiency. Good quality raw materials give our bars superior strength and better bendability which eventually helps in reducing manual binding at the construction sites and saves labourers time and effort. All the protocols are followed with utmost care with guaranteed quality. 

 Distinctive Features of Birla TMT bars:


  • Accurate rib pitch 

  • Terrific tensile strength 

  • Super ductility

  • Anti-corrosive 

  • Good weldability 

  • Excellent bendability

  • Earthquake resistant 

Qualities of world-class TMT Bars:


Give your building the perfect bonding strength between Bars and Concrete with our world-class TMT bars that come with accurate rib pitch. The outside ribs throughout the entire Birla TMT bar deliver superior bonding form between the bar and the concrete. Perfect grip pitch guarantees the strongest bonding between concrete and the body of the Birla TMT bar. The ribs help the bond to withstand the structure during an earthquake or flood. Our Ribbed Birla TMT Bars increase the strength and distribute the load evenly across the TMT bar.


All those people who don’t know about the meaning of ductility, it’s the quality of not breaking or losing its strength while getting bend. Birla TMT bars come with higher ductility and bendability and can be mended or can be bent easily at the construction site, reducing production and labour time.



Birla TMT steel bars are made with good quality raw materials giving our bars superior strength and amazing tensile strength. Its better tensile strength ratio guarantees that once burdened beyond yield energy – as may additionally show up for the duration of an earthquake – Birla TMT Bar will soak up the strain comfortably and to miles extra quantity without any risk of unexpected rupture.



Birla TMT Bar is made with managed chemistry of Carbon, Sulphur, Phosphorous, and other alloying factors. Carbon equivalence is maintained in a lower range to facilitate suitable weldability. Bendability is a significant factor of the Birla TMT bar as strengthened steel bars eventually help in reducing manual binding at the construction sites and saves labourers time and effort. The specific aggregate of tempered martensite and Ferrite + Pearlite structure assures better bendability.



Birla TMT Bar has superior strength and better anti-corrosive quality than other similar products on the market. All the protocols are followed with utmost care with guaranteed quality while manufacturing Birla TMT bars. To know more about Birla TMT bars join our Instagram handle @birlatmtsteel_rajasthan