Our world-class Products 


World-class Products


Our present range of products includes: 

  • TMT Bars

  • Barbed Wires

  • Grassland Fencing

  • Chain-link Wires

TMT Bars:

The TMT bars are equivalent to ISI quality and meet and meet all international standards. Our industrious TMT manufacturing engineers meticulously work on every detail to enhance the bar’s quality and efficiency. Good quality raw materials give our bars superior strength and better bendability which eventually helps in reducing manual binding at the construction sites and saves labourers time and effort. All the protocols are followed with utmost care with guaranteed quality. 


Distinctive Features of TMT bars:

  • Accurate rib pitch 

  • Terrific tensile strength 

  • Super ductility

  • Anti-corrosive 

  • Good weldability 

  • Excellent bendability

  • Earthquake resistant 

Available range: 

  • 8mm to 32 mm 

 Barbed Wires:

 Barbed Wires have been used in fencing for decades. Initially used for agricultural boundary purposes, but now largely used as wall compound and garden fencing with time. The sharp edges knotted at regular intervals along the wires are the highlight of barbed Wires fencing. Simple to construct and easy installation makes them cost-efficient and low maintenance. Our quenching and tempering technology makes the wires strong and robust. Our high-quality barbed wire fencing will withstand your building and boundaries for a lifetime.


Distinctive Features of Barbed Wires:

  • Helps in setting a specified boundary to your space

  • Provides a strong and firm barrier

  • Aids in restricting all unwanted entries, and

  • Guards the set parameters lifelong

Grassland Fencing:

Grassland fencing has been used for ages mostly to keep livestock within their respected parameters. Our advanced technology and automated machinery enable the production in bulk and makes the wires strong and robust. This kind of fencing too was used for agricultural boundary purposes but is now largely used as a garden or normal fencing with time. Easy installation and mesh production make them both cost-efficient and low maintenance. Our world-class grassland fencing will withstand your set parameters/boundaries for a lifetime.



Distinctive Features of Grassland Wires:

  • Helps in setting desired boundaries to your farm/agricultural land

  • Guards the set parameters with no maintenance cost. 

  • Acts as a trespassing barrier for animals and the unwanted entries

  • Safeguard all the animals or vegetation from outsiders 


Chain-link Wires:  

 Chain-link wires fencing is one of our in-demand products after TMT bars. 

The perfect diamond-shaped pattern makes it difficult to cut and trespass. 

Chain-linked fences are popular worldwide due to their durability and versatility feature. Quenching and tempering of steel make the wire links strong and enable them with anti-theft features. Our product is mainly used in parks and school boundaries ensuring a safe barrier for the kids and their respective buildings. 



Distinctive Features of Chain-link Wires:

  • Difficult to cut 

  • Anti-theft

  • High-level security 

  • Weather resistance 

  • Allows one to maintain visibility


AV Steel & Power LLP was appointed as a supplier as Birla TMT Bars Supplier in Rajasthan 2020. And within a short span of a year, the company already has 100+ dealers in the state. Backed by a dedicated workforce, the company is expanding its network every day with full stride. If you desire to work as a dealership with a tech-driven and trade-friendly company, then visit our website or go to our Instagram page.